Life Saving Products

Real Relief supplies a large variety of relief items. We are determined to do our part in the on-going challenges of global relief work. Real relief!


Safepad™ is a reusable sanitary pad designed to provide a safe and infection free experience while in use.


LLINs - Long Lasting Insecticidal incorporated mosquito Nets. DuraNet® is made of polyethylene (PE), making them much stronger than polyester (PES) or cloth nets. In addition, in DuraNet® LLINs, the insecticide is incorporated into the fibre and is control released over time.  Just the right amount of insecticide migrates to the surface over their entire lifespan.

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Long Lasting Insecticidal incorporated mosquito Nets


The Lifewell water filter has been designed for use in developing countries and disaster areas, where access to clean drinking water is particularly important.

RDT kits

Rapid Diagnostics Test kits for detecting Malaria, Dengue, HIV, Hepatitis & Syphilis.


ZIP/Boilex™ Cooking Systems combine the award-winning ZIP fuel cubes and lightweight Boilex™ stoves to provide a safer and fully sustainable alternative to the use of traditional cookstoves and open fire cooking in disaster and relief areas.

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ZIP/Boilex™ Tower Cooking kits

Cooking kits with stoves and fuel cubes.

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ZIP/Boilex™ Pyramid Cooking kits

Cooking kits with stoves and fuel cubes.


Unique Shelter Concept. Real Relief is bringing forward a patent pending rehousing solution developed by Evershelter ApS.

A rehousing solution that will eliminate the use of tent-houses that often ends up as waste. The solution is based on an innovative patent pending concept that is ideal for rapid temporary rehousing in emergency situations, as well as being repurposed for permanent housing.


Stop Disaster in Time

With 112 FIRESTOPPER you are well prepared to prevent accidents with emerging fire. The 112 FIRESTOPPER is in a handy spray can, easy to store, and easy for anyone to use.

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112 Firestopper

Fire extinguisher


Non-food items

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Sleeping Mats

Sleeping mats teaser

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Kitchen sets

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Hygiene kits

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The Sunlife® product line is a range of affordable, modular solar powered energy solutions for lighting, mobile phones and radios. In emergencies (including natural and political disasters), Sunlife® products will provide much needed relief to those affected, helping rebuild their lives from devastation to a return to a sense of normalcy by providing lighting, connectivity and information.

Sunlife® products have a simple, elegant design and are extremely robust and easy to use. The products are modular, offering complete flexibility, allowing customers to build their own personal solar energy solutions by choosing from a variety of solar panels, LED rechargeable lamps, a rechargeable battery pack, as well as mobile phone connectors and radio connectors. Sunlife® products will also be available in pre-packaged kits specially designed to meet individual customer requirements.

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Solar lamps

Solar solutions (lamps)

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Solar panels

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Magic Towel™

Magic Towel™ is a reusable and highly durable towel that includes a permanently bonded anti-microbial layer. It is designed to provide clean hands without using soap and using only a small amount of water.