- Cleaner

- Safer

- More powerful

- A revolutionary stove that can help improve global health for millions

Boilex™ Ultraclean Multifuel Stove

Clean, smoke free, safe cooking is a global challenge.

In the general population, over 3 billion people (c500 million households) cook with smoky fuels on a daily basis, resulting in respiratory diseases such as Pneumonia and Lung Cancer leading to over 4 million deaths per annum; this equates to one death every time you blink or to the population of Ireland, more that HIV/AIDS and Malaria combined. Smoke is also responsible for Cataracts, the largest cause of blindness in the developing world, mainly to women and children as they spend most time in a cooking environment.

In the case of Militaries, they continue to use Hexamine for individual soldiers, which is highly toxic and hazardous to transport. Traditional field kitchens for larger groups of soldiers are predominantly gas powered, which is a potential explosive risk and difficult to resupply.

To meet the challenges of clean cooking in a humanitarian or military situation, Boilex have introduced the new Ultraclean stove for individual and larger group cooking. The Ultraclean stove will boil 5 litres of water in c11.5 minutes compared with over 30 minutes from comparable stoves and use up to 80%  less fuel. Made of durable metal, it is robust and guaranteed for up to 5 years (assuming careful daily use). This stove has the added advantage of an inbuilt battery capable of powering LED lights and charging USB devices such as cell phones.

The Boilex™ Ultraclean stove is ideal for all terrain and all environments and can be modified and tailored to suit specific needs. The Boilex™ Ultraclean stove, accessories and Zip™ Cooking Fuels can be supplied in various formats, from bulk packs to individual stoves, to provide bespoke cooking and water heating solutions.

Advantages of the Boilex™Ultraclean Multifuel stoves

Clean burn performance

A Boilex™ Ultraclean stove is categorised as a ‘Forced Air’ or ‘Gasifier’ type of stove. It works by a use of a battery operated ‘fan’ housed in a separate engine unit , which is housed inside the crucible during transit/carriage but which close couples to the side of the stove when in use. The battery is recharged using a solar panel, mains or vehicle battery. On full power, the stove quickly generates temperatures up to 1000ºc. It is possible to vary the power via a control gauge, which moderates the amount and speed of air flowing into the stove. Being able to control the heat is similar to other cooking methods, such as gas, and is inherently easy to use and more readily culturally accepted. The greater the amount of air, the more powerful the combustion process and the cleaner the fuel burns. The Boilex™ Ultraclean stove utilises the latest patented designs to produce a clean burn even at low levels.

This ultra efficient way of burning the fuel results in up to 80% less fuel being needed to cook with (compared to open fires) and up to 40% less fuel than other forced air stoves. This not only saves cost for the user but may also result in significantly less time spent collecting fuel, allowing the user to spend time on more added value tasks.

Unique to Boilex™ is the capability of using many types of fuel, including biomass (wood chips, wood, twigs, dung and pellets), liquids (Kerosene, Methyl Esters and alcohol) and high energy fuels (such as Zip™ Cooking Fuel, alcohol gels and Hexamine), all from one stove. This gives improved convenience to the user and the ability to switch from less efficient or more expensive traditional cooking stove/fuel combinations, many of which are also unsafe, as the table below shows.