- Easy to use

- Easy to transport

- Healthier to use

- Safer to use

- Fully sustainable biofuel

Tower Stove

ZIP/Boilex™ Cooking Systems - safe cooking saves lives

ZIP/Boilex™ Cooking Systems combine the award-winning ZIP fuel cubes and lightweight Boilex™ stoves to provide a safer and fully sustainable alternative to the use of traditional cookstoves and open fire cooking in disaster and relief areas.

ZIP fuel

ZIP fuel is made from a naturally derived and fully sustainable biofuel with a higher calorific heat output than traditional hydrocarbon fuels. The fuel cubes are easy to light - even in extreme conditions - and will provide a non-toxic, sootless burn that makes them suitable for indoor use with adequate ventilation.

Zip fuel cubes are made in compliance with ISO standards and come in two sizes - one for the Boilex™ Pyramid stove (cooking for 1-2 people) and one for the Boilex™ Tower stove (for group cooking).

Boilex stoves

The Boilex™ stoves are made from durable galvanized steel and are delivered as lightweight flatpacks that are extremely easy to transport, assemble and use.

Together, the ZIP fuel cubes and Boilex™ stoves are ideal for use in disaster or relief areas, not least because the non-hazardous fuel cubes - unlike most other fuel types - are approved for unrestricted air transportation. This means that the robust but lightweight cooking systems can be parachuted into remote locations - or even included in food aid packs without risk of contamination.

Two models – basic and plus