- Positive effect on the health and living conditions​

- Perfectly suited for hot and cold climates

- Provides privacy

- Robust


Real Relief is bringing forward a patent pending rehousing solution developed by Evershelter ApS.

A rehousing solution that will eliminate the use of tent-houses that often ends up as waste. The solution is based on an innovative patent pending concept that is ideal for rapid temporary rehousing in emergency situations, as well as being repurposed for permanent housing.

Unique Shelter Advantages

Simple and Easy to Erect

  • Rapid assembly without tools

  • Minimal use of materials due to optimized design

Cost Effective

  • Eliminates the high costs associated with wood, steel, nails and screws

  • One structure replaces the subsequent needs for multiple housing solutions from emergency tents to transitional housing and permanent homes

Mobile and Reusable

  • Durable low-weight components

  • Easy to disassemble and reassemble in a new location

Well Insulated

  • Perfectly suited for hot or cold climates

Sturdy and Safe housing

  • Arched structure provides maximum space and strength to shelter

  • Sturdier than tents or transitional housing that collapse as the result of earthquakes or storms

Adaptable Design

  • Meets a wide variety of shelter needs

  • Modular design allows components to be ideally configured for homes, schools, medical facilities etc.

Unique Aims

Avoid Transitional Waste

  • Too many shelter solutions consist of emergency tents or transitional housing materials that turn into waste after a relatively short life. Lifeshelter®’s are both economically and environmentally attractive as they can be reused for permanent housing.

Avoid Future Slum

  • The concept inspires housing construction method away from the typical corrugated iron-sheeted roof-structures that architecturally defines slum. By integrating local materials such as clay or lime-stone, it is possible to plaster the shelter to have a more permanent solid structure.


Plus - Solid End Walls

Plus - Solid End Walls

  •     16 panels
  •     Solid end walls
  •     Area: 18m2


Weight and packed size of a complete packed shelter will consist of one package that can be broken down into smaller packages of weights suitable for transport by two people. The mass of each smaller package is no more than 50 kg

We are able to stuff the following:

  •     34 shelters in a 40’HC container
  •     24 shelters in a 40’DC container
  •     14 shelters in a 20’ container

Bill of materials (Plus):

  •     Panels, 16 units, xps core coated with mortar
  •     Solid end walls, 2 units (frontside and backside), plywood
  •     Frame, 8 units, metal
  •     End units, 4 units, plywood
  •     Tightening kit, 12 units, metal
  •     Quick straps, 3 units, metal/nylon
  •     Cover tarp, 1 unit, PVC
  •     Top tube, 2 units, metal
  •     Connection tubes, 108 units, metal/plastic
  •     Mini tool, 2 units, metal