- No irritation

- Chemical free

- Comfortable

- No leak

- No activity limits


Health and Hygiene

Safecup is made from a soft medical grade silicone and is latex-free. Safecup is free from pesticides and GM materials. Safecup does not contain dyes, bleaches, toxins, absorbency gels, additives or perfumes. The medical grade silicone prevents the growth of bacteria, allergies and fungal infections. The cup is non-absorbent, which is why it will not cause dryness and it does not disrupt the body's natural pH levels (e.i. a tampon absorbs 35% of the natural moisture). Safecup has measurement markings, enabling women to report menstrual blood loss to a doctor or a gynaecologist.

No Leaks

When inserted correctly, Safecup forms an airtight seal with the walls of the vagina. If the cup is not completely full, which is highly unlikely, there is no leakage and the cup cannot accidentally dislodge.

For all sports and activities

When inserted correctly, Safecup forms a watertight seal, which means that you can do every day activities and sports while wearing it, including swimming.

Environmentally friendly

Safecup is re-usable and can be re-cycled.

Comfortable and convenient

Since Safecup is worn internally, there is no feeling of moisture or stickiness at all. When inserted correctly, you will not be able to feel the presence of the cup. Safecup collects fluid rather than absorbing it, and therefore it can be used during days of very light flow without causing dryness or irritation.

Easy to use and fewer changes

Safecup contains up to 3 times more fluid than other menstrual products, therefore it can be worn for up to 8-12 hours, which makes it easier to manage your period.