- Easy to use

- Very effective

- Safe and clean



Stop Disaster in Time

With 112 FIRESTOPPER you are well prepared to prevent accidents with emerging fire. 

The 112 FIRESTOPPER is in a handy spray can, easy to store, and easy for anyone to use.

You can use 112 FIRESTOPPER in any angle.

Safe and Clean

112 FIRESTOPPER increases safety in everyday life.

112 FIRESTOPPER contains a water-based, non-toxic extinguish material. 

Clean-up is easy - simply wipe away the biodegradable foam with a damp cloth. 

Prevent expensive consequential damages typically caused by a traditional dry powder extinguisher.


The 112 FIRESTOPPER extinguishes fires in:

  • Solids (Wood, paper, textiles and glowing materials)
  • Liquids (Gasoline, oil etc.)
  • Cooking oil
  • Electrical installations 1000V min 1 m distance
  • Fire victims / fire on persons’ clothes

The 112 FIRESTOPPER applies for fires of types A, B and F, for electrical installations of up to 1000 volts, for fire victims and fire on persons’ clothes.

The 112 FIRESTOPPER provides no recoil, and no splitting or seals must be removed before use.


Ideal for



  • Home


  • Suitable for small fires
  • Workshop


  • Fast and easy to use
  • Car 


  • Biodegradable foam
  • Motorcycle   


  • Effective
  • Tent 


  • Temperature resistant from -30° to +50° Celsius
  • Caravan



  • Boat 



  • Barbecue