A unique shelter concept

ReliefNet™ LLINs are made with polyethylene (PE) yarns (150 denier), making them much stronger than polyester (PES) or cloth nets.

ReliefNet™ LLINs will maintain their effectiveness for a lifetime of up to 5 years; which is proving to be almost twice as long as the lifespan of all polyester (PES) nets on the market.

In addition, in ReliefNet™ LLINs, the insecticide is incorporated into the fibre and is control released over time. Just the right amount of insecticide migrates to the surface over their entire lifespan.

ReliefNet™ eliminates the need for the retreatment that may be needed for surface treated polyester (PES) nets. This is important because people will not have to handle the insecticide used in typical retreatment and worry about its disposal.

And ReliefNet™ eliminates some of the concerns associated with large scale distributions of polyester (PES) nets that are all surface treated.  Unlike ReliefNet™, which has the majority of its insecticide incorporated into its fibres, polyester (PES) nets have the entire amount of insecticide deposited on their surfaces. Surface treated polyester (PES) nets have caused a series of severe skin and eye irritations, and other series reactions, in people who have handled large quantities of polyester (PES) nets during mass distribution campaigns.

Choosing ReliefNet™ is always the wisest choice.

ReliefNet™ LLINs are available in a variety of colors, including dark colors, which means that dirt will not show up as it does on a white net, and people will not have to wash them as frequently.

Another important bonus of ReliefNet™ LLINs is that they are slightly rigid when compared to polyester nets which means that air flows through them better so people sleeping under them are cooler. Why is this important? From our experience, it’s the main reason why owners of ReliefNet™ LLINs like sleeping under them.

ReliefNet™ is available in bulk packing (without a bag) or in user friendly packaging. All packaging types include English and French user instructions.