Launching Safepad in Bangladesh



Real Relief, Denmark and Youth Worldwide Foundation, Bangladesh collaboratively launch Safepad™ at the Project “Chauna Piyaju” in Chattagram, Bangladesh, while celebrating the Menstrual Hygiene Day 2019, to align with theAction” theme for 2019.

Now, it is time to act to end stigma, educate all girls, ensure access to menstrual products and end period poverty. Together we will create a world in which no girl is left behind because of her period.

Menstruation and menstrual hygiene continues to be met with silence and neglect all around the world. This has a negative impact on the dignity and wellbeing of individual women and girls, and far-reaching social and economic implications at national levels. Although the topic of menstrual hygiene is achieving recognition and investment - action is still needed. The reusable sanitary pad, SafepadTM addresses this problem and offers a sterile and durable solution. An innovative product that prevents infections while also helping to prevent the social isolation of girls and women in third-world countries.

About Safepad™ Safepad™ is a reusable, washable hygiene pad designed with a permanently bonded antimicrobial technology that efficiently reduces the concentration of fungi and bacteria. Thereby reducing the risk of vaginal infections caused by Candida albicans – also called Candiasis. 75% of all women experience vaginal yeast or bacterial infections during their lifetime. These infections cause health issues and in worst cases will impact fertility.

Safepad™ is made of a soft fabric that provides protection and comfort. The permanent bonded antimicrobial fabric in combination with the highly absorbent material provide a comfortable and hygienic experience for women. The anti-microbial technology is based on a treatment that leaves a positively charged layer on the fabric. This layer will attract and kill the negatively charged microbes such as bacteria and fungi. Moreover, our products are showing more environment friendly features than other generic products. The benefits of providing women and girls with our sanitary pads are thus enormous.

Safepad™– winner of The Danish Design Award 2018

SafepadTM won the Danish Design Award 2018 in the category “Daily Life”.

Danish Design Award (DDA) is the major annual Danish design event that celebrates the best design solutions and highlights how design can make a difference for our society. We are therefore immensely proud to receive the recognition presented with this award.