Lifeshelter® - Danish Design Award Winner


It is with great pleasure and pride that we present that Lifeshelter® is the winner of 2 awards at the Danish Design Award 2016.

Thursday 7 April, Danish Design Award awarded prizes to value-adding Danish design solutions - a total of 11 categories across businesses, society and individuals as well as 4 special awards.
In the category Daily Life, Jakob Christensen and Claus Heding won with the design solution Lifeshelter® - a new, robust and flexible shelter solution for refugees, that offers security and safety while giving the refuges the possibility of creating a better life in an often very chaotic situation.
In the special prize category People's Choice almost 2,000 Danes voted online. Lifeshelter® won this second award for being an innovative, durable and flexible shelter for refugees while at the same time offering security, safety and dignity.

The jury says

“A laudable solution that adds durability and resilience to a temporary tent shelter in the shape of insulation and a simple construction system. The solution considers the life situation of people in displacement and restores dignity while contributing to a slightly more reasonable daily life for its occupants. The design is modular, making it adaptable to the size of the family and easy to pack up and bring along, should the volatility of life in displacement demand it”.

“With Danish Design Award we celebrate the difference design can make in 3rd world countries. Lifeshelter® appeals to all our senses, which is what a real design must do”, says Real Relief´s Managing Director, Trine Angeline Sig