Real Relief has received a grant from USAID OFDA


Real Relief has received a grant from USAID OFDA to further study the efficacy of Supertowel for handwashing. In cooperation with London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, the Royal College of Art, Kelkar Research Centre and ACF (Action Against Hunger) we will study the efficacy of Supertowel under real life conditions in comparison with soap and water for handwashing. We will use the grant to study how Supertowel performs if only short time is used for the handwashing, if the Supertowel is damp rather than soaking wet, if contaminated water source is used and if the Supertowel is visibly dirty. Furthermore, a communication package will be developed that will enable Supertowel to be distributed without being accompanied with personal training or explanation.  The communication package will be tested under field conditions in northern Nigeria. The study has been developed to deal with some of the evidence gaps we discovered in connection with our recently completed lab and field study which we performed with support from the Humanitarian Innovation Fund.
The study will be completed by end of 2020.