Safepad™ is in Africa now!


We are happy to announce the launch of Safepad™ in Kenya and Tanzania in January 2017.

It is a big breakthrough for Real Relief to finally launch Safepad™  in Africa. After months of testing and development, this reusable sanitary pad will change the lives of many women and girls!

But how can a reusable sanitary pad do that?

Let’s talk about facts:


Did you know that 53% of girls in Nairobi, Kenya miss a day or more of school every two months because of the menstruation? They have to stay at home because some of them can’t afford sanitary products or because menstruation is a taboo. According to WASH United such taboos include not being able to touch animals, water points, or food that others will eat, and exclusion from religious rituals, the family home and sanitation facilities. As a result, women and girls are often denied access to water and sanitation when they need it most. It causes high absence and may lead to dropping out of school (source report Menstrual hygiene matters low resolution). Without education many girls are not able to find a job. Just because of lack of access to sanitary pads!


Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM )

Women and girls from rural areas in developing countries having slight access to water and sanitation, sometimes to manage the menstrual flow, have to use materials such as mud, leaves, dung or animal skins (UNESCO 2014, Puberty Education and Menstrual Hygiene Management). A teacher from Tanzania is saying the following after teaching girls about menstrual hygiene:

You can find that a girl has only one underwear and two pieces of cloth for using during menses. This makes it difficult for them to come to school during menses.” (report Menstrual hygiene matters).


How we can make a difference?

We want to make a real difference, improve and promote menstrual hygiene management. This is why we support Menstrual Hygiene Day (MH Day) which is a global platform that brings together non-profits, government agencies, the private sector, the media and individuals to promote Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM). We are proud to be a partner of the Menstrual Hygiene Day Alliance.


Now you understand how meeting the modest need of reusable sanitary pads like Safepad™ can change the lives of many vulnerable women and girls? We want to give them relief. Real Relief!

To find out more about reusable sanitary pad, listen to podcast with Trine Sig, CEO of Real Relief.