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Danish Design Award Winner

Lifeshelter® won 2 prizes in the Danish Design Award 2016. In the Daily Life category & the special prize People's Choice.

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Why Lifeshelter®?

Improves lives by providing privacy and dignity through better living conditions.

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Why 112 Firestopper?

Easy access to fire exstinguisher saves lives

Why Sunlife®?

Increases living standards for those who are living off grid

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Why Lifewell?

Clean drinking water reduces diseases

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Why ZIP/Boilex™?

Easy to use. Powerful and reliable.

Why DuraNet®?

Keeps you healthy and protected.

Why Rapid diagnostic test kits?

Easy to use. Time is essential for correct diagnosis and quick cure.

Why NFIs from Real Relief?

Real Relief supplies a large variety of relief items. We are determined to do our part in the on-going challenges of global relief work. 

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Making a real promise

At Real Relief we offer exactly what we promise. Real relief!

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How do we instill hope?



We want to make a real difference in the lives of millions of vulnerable people, across the globe. Whatever their predicament, we want to support them in improving their own living conditions.



CHALLENGE – INNOVATE – APPLY indicates our purpose. It is our promise to help alleviate the effects of poor health, poverty, natural disasters, acts of war and climate change. By making innovative and affordable life improving products and services available to governments, relief agencies, NGO’s, faith-based organizations and private sector donors we are determined to making a real difference for people in real need.

We challenge traditional solutions to the needs of the world’s poorest as well as common perceptions of how aid and relief efforts are delivered.
We innovate existing approaches to combating effects of poverty and reconfigure existing solutions in order to meet future needs.
We apply design, technology, insight, empathy and passion into every new product, solution, service or feature.