Cooperation with Danish Refugee Council

Kolding, Denmark, 21th May 2021

Real Relief encourages the support to Danish Refugee Council (DRC) in their fundraising campaign, “That time of month” for menstrual products to woman in refugee camps.

Danish Refugee Council aims to reduce the environmental impact of the refugee camps they work in. Menstrual hygiene products are fixed components in their work.

Therefore, they call for the choice of as sustainable menstrual hygiene products as possible, such as Safepad™, reusable sanitary pads from Real Relief.

“That time of month”

The right to resources, reproductive health, sustainable jobs and not least the right to decide over one's own body are core values, Real Relief in collaboration with DRC are common to promote.

That work takes place in the refugee camps DRC are in. The campaign aims to increase women's rights through reproductive health and enlightenment.

With the campaign, Denmark's largest NGO contributes to ensuring women a sustainable future, both economically, environmentally and socially.

Support the campaign: