Our Mission to Tackle Period Poverty  🩸

Hi! I'm Trine Angeline Sig, and together with the rest of the Real Relief family, we're on a mission to create a positive impact in the lives of millions of girls and women worldwide. Our company is dedicated to tackling the pressing issue of period poverty with our innovative products.

🩸 Safepad isn't just any menstrual hygiene product. It's a "smart" hygienic pad with antimicrobial-treated textile fibers that absorb microbes, making it usable even in challenging conditions. Safepad is not only reliable but also eco-friendly, as it can be washed and reused.

🩲  Our latest innovation, Safepanty, is an intelligent period panty. Crafted from soft, durable, and breathable fabric, it offers reusability, protection, and comfort. With immediate absorbency, leak-proof design, and quick-drying capability after washing, Safepanty is engineered with antimicrobial technology, ensuring an infection-free period. This technology is permanently bonded to the fabric, ensuring it remains effective over time. Additionally, the manufacturing process of Safepanty is free from harmful chemicals, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience.

🤝  Despite selling 10 million high-tech hygienic pads to major relief organisations, we remain determined to do more. For us, a sale of 10 million isn't enough as long as there are millions of girls and women who can't access education or work freely due to menstruation-related challenges.

👩‍🎓  Our journey began when we witnessed the harsh reality of period poverty during a visit to Kenya. Girls couldn't afford menstrual products, forcing some into desperate situations. This injustice motivated us to act.

💡 Our mission is clear - to provide solutions that improve the lives of women in developing countries. Safepad, awarded the Danish Design Award in 2018, is a testament to this commitment.

🌟  We believe that no girl should be denied an education or future prospects because of a lack of access to reusable hygiene products. Investing in girls and women can directly impact any nation's GDP and its path to development.

🌐  Our efforts have gained momentum, with organizations like UNICEF and the World Bank joining the cause. Period poverty is a global issue that we must tackle together.

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Let's stand together to break the silence around menstruation and ensure that every girl and woman has the opportunity to thrive.  💪 🌐  #EmpowerWomen #MenstrualHygiene #EducationForAll #RealRelief #PeriodPoverty