Long Lasting Insecticidal incorporated mosquito Nets

Reliefnet Reverte offers an optional feature that makes the net the number 1 choice for environmental safety. Reliefnet Reverte features an oxo-biodegradable technology which ensures that the product will not turn into plastic waste at the end of its useful life. If Reliefnet Reverte is wrongfully disposed of in the open environment, the product will be broken down by the sun and subsequently by the microorganisms in the nature. Reliefnet Reverte will disappear by itself if left in the environment. The oxo-biodegradable technology of Reliefnet Reverte is designed in such a way that it does not influence the lifetime of the net while in use.

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Why reliefnet

Reliefnet utilizes innovative control released technology to ensure that there is just the right amount of insecticide available on the surface when needed. Therefore, the net works with maximum efficacy throughout its lifetime.
Reliefnet is lightweight, which provides advantages when transporting and distributing the net.
Polyethylene is a very strong material compared to other textile fibres. This ensures that the net will not tear and/or wear easily.
Reliefnet is durable and built to last for a very long time. Allowing a maximum number of people to be protected at a minimum cost.
Reliefnet is available in a variety of net sizes, shapes and mesh sizes to meet local needs and vector sizes. Reliefet is available in any color without additional cost. Color does not influence the efficacy. Studies indicate that dark colored nets are washed less frequently, than light colored nets.