Reliefnet Reverte, apart from being an efficacious LLIN, incorporates an oxo-biodegradable technology.

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Reliefnet Reverte the number one choice

Reliefnet Reverte contains a feature that makes this innovative product the number one choice for environmental safety. Reliefnet Reverte has a build-in oxo-biodegradable technology which ensures that the product will not turn into plastic waste at the end of its useful life. If Reliefnet Reverte is wrongfully disposed of in the open environment or misused as for example fishing net, the sun will degrade the product to the extent that it becomes bioavailable allowing naturally occurring microorganism to fully digest it. Reliefnet Reverte will disappear by itself if left in the environment. The oxo-biodegradable technology of Reliefnet Reverte is designed in such a way that it does not influence the lifetime of the net while in use.

Plastic waste 

The strategy of mass distribution of LLIN’s means that around 200 million LLINs yearly are delivered to mainly Sub-Saharan Africa by the partners involved in the global fight against malaria. These nets represent a staggering 120 000 Tons of plastic material every year and is recognized as a huge plastic waste problem by most partners. Several attempts have been made to solve the problem by reclaiming and either recycling or incineration. All attempts so far have been unsuccessful mainly due to the fact that it is not economically feasible to reclaim the LLINs. 

Reliefnet Reverte a potential solution to a huge problem 

Reliefnet Reverte, apart from being an efficacious LLIN, incorporates an oxo-biodegradable technology in the material of which the LLIN is made. 

It has been incorrectly disposed of there, or if it is being misused as for example a fishing net.  
The OBD technology of Reliefnet Reverte will make the product degrade under the influence of sunlight, to the extent that the degraded material is no longer a plastic material and will be available to biodegrade harmlessly into the environment. 

Why reliefnet

Reliefnet utilizes innovative control released technology to ensure that there is just the right amount of insecticide available on the surface when needed. Therefore, the net works with maximum efficacy throughout its lifetime.
Reliefnet is lightweight, which provides advantages when transporting and distributing the net.
Polyethylene is a very strong material compared to other textile fibres. This ensures that the net will not tear and/or wear easily.
Reliefnet is durable and built to last for a very long time. Allowing a maximum number of people to be protected at a minimum cost.
Reliefnet is available in a variety of net sizes, shapes and mesh sizes to meet local needs and vector sizes. Reliefet is available in any color without additional cost. Color does not influence the efficacy. Studies indicate that dark colored nets are washed less frequently, than light colored nets.

Improve Lives with Reliefnet Reverte Customized Imprinted Logo Nets

  • Reliefnet Reverte Long Lasting Insecticide Incorporated Nets are the only LLINs that offer your company to imprint logos, graphics and messages directly on the net.
  • Reliefnet Reverte Customized Logo Nets are made from polyethylene and last up to 5 years, almost twice as long as less durable polyester nets.
  • Reliefnet Reverte LLINs can be produced in any color desired. Logos or messages in maximum

Reliefnet Reverte Dome Nets

Made with the same long lasting insecticide incorporated mosquito netting used in all Reliefnet Reverte LLINs, our Reliefnet Reverte Dome Nets was specially designed to meet the needs of individuals whose lifestyles are not easily accommodated by traditional rectangular or circular bednet configurations. Instead, the unique design of the Reliefnet Reverte Dome Nets was developed especially for individuals who spend night time sleeping outdoors. Yet the Dome is also a great solution for indoor sleeping areas where biting insects may be a concern.

They are light weight, easy to transport and easy to set up

Ideal for use in either indoor or outdoor sleeping areas, Reliefnet Reverte Dome Nets was designed with the end- user in mind. Made with a tough but lightweight, rip-resistant, waterproof nylon fabric floor, that keeps ground moisture from soaking through and is strong enough to withstand rigorous use. Yet the fabric is breathable and prevents insects from biting through it. The dome is made with reinforced a Reliefnet Reverte LLIN net fabric upper portion to protect the user from insects. Sturdy fiberglass reinforced poles provide support to hold the net fabric away from the body, allowing for maximum inner space, and keep mosquitoes and other biting insects at a distance. 
Reliefnet Reverte Dome Nets is easy to transport and is available with an optional carrying bag made of the same sturdy, rip-resistant, waterproof nylon fabric as the floor. The bag has two comfortable handles for easy carrying and a rugged zipper to secure the tent and poles. 


Color Options 

Reliefnet Reverte Dome Nets is available in three color choices: dark green, black and in a camouflage striped pattern (alternating tan, dark green and brown stripes). 

Available in two sizes 

Reliefnet Reverte Dome Nets is available in two sizes: a one-person or two-person dome. Both sizes provide for maximum height, roominess, and comfort. Designed for use in all temperatures, both sizes can easily accommodate sleeping bags. 
Both sizes include a conveniently placed and ample zipper doorway that has a sturdy zipper closure that can be operated from both inside and outside of the dome.