Our mission, vision and beliefs 

At Real Relief, we design, manufacture and supply a large variety of effective, durable, life-saving relief items, whilst focusing on self-sustainability, empowerment and environmental friendliness. We are genuinely invested and truly committed to improving the lives of the less fortunate and therefore offer exactly what we promise: Real Relief! 

We have successfully been working in the field of global relief work for decades supplying governments, relief agencies, NGO’s, faith-based organizations and the private sector. Needless to say, we are proud to have already made a significant and tangible difference in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia and have the results and awards to prove it. 

Our Vision  

We aim to channel our expertise, experience, know-how, trustworthiness and commitment to continue to fight inequality and social injustice by means of our life improving relief items in our quest to make the world a better more sustainable place to live in for ALL. 

We do not only aim to improve and save the lives of as many as possible, we also endeavour to protect and save the environment while we are at it. Our environmental friendliness is at the core of all our efforts, be it, design-wise, production-wise and/or distribution-wise. 

Our unique Real Relief technology allows for our products to be recycled, re-utilized and oxo-biodegraded saving natural resources, staff, polluters like toxic fuel for transport and distribution, all of which make Real Relief products the number 1 choice for environmental safety, whilst actually simultaneously saving money for all involved. 

Our Mission  


We aim to challenge existing value chains in order to provide more relief to more people in need, by challenging traditional solutions to the needs of the world’s poorest as well as common perceptions as to how aid and relief efforts are to be delivered. 

We aim to innovate existing approaches to combat the effects of poverty by re-configurating existing solutions, technologies and rethinking distribution methods in our relentless attempt to enhance social and economic mobility and contribute to societal development and economic growth. 

We aim to apply our newly gained competences to building sustainable market opportunities by applying design, technology, insight, empathy and passion to every new product, solution, service or feature. This will empower the recipients in their self-worth, dignity and capacity to generate a sustainable income for themselves. 

It is our promise to help alleviate the effects of poor health, poverty, natural disasters, acts of war and climate change. To contribute to a better future for vulnerable people - by using our ability to provide products and services from all over the world and re-engineer them to new and emerging market conditions, so as to make that real and significant difference for people in real need. 

Our core Beliefs

Empathy. We empathise with the recipients of our relief items. We value their feedback as to the challenges they are facing and as to their need for life-improving solutions to overcome them. 

Ingenuity. Ingenuity is at the heart of everything we do. We deliberately and intentionally search for individuals amongst our employees, who see things differently, as they have the courage and potential to change the world. Whereas others may see imperfection, we see real potential, that guides us in the development and manufacturing of life-improving solutions for those who need it the most.

Passion. Most importantly, it is the passion. 

Together we can help provide a sustainable basis to fight poverty, enhance education levels, build capacity, create jobs, increase the overall living standards and promote global health and equality.

That is what Real Relief is all about!