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Safepanty is a reusable sanitary panty designed with antimicrobial treatment to provide safe and free-infection period.

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The Safepanty™ is made from a soft, durable, and breathable fabric, that offers reusability, protection, and comfort. The Satepanty™ fabric ensures high and immediate absorbency, non-leakage, and quick dry feature after wash. It has a built-in Safepad™, which is manufactured with a permanently bonded antimicrobial technology that helps reducing vaginal infections caused by Candida Albicans, which ensures a comfortable and infection-free period throughout the life of the Safepanty™.

Basic Regular


30-40 ml = approximately 2-3 tampons

Basic Super


40-55 ml = approximately 3-4 tampons

Lace A super


30-40 ml = approximately 2-3 tampons

High Waist Super


55-70 ml = approximately 4-5 tampons

Reasons for choosing Safepanty™


Safepanty™ is made of a soft, durable and breathable fabric, that offers protection and comfort.

Environmentally friendly

Safepanty™ is re-usable and can be re-cycled. It's' an investment that will save you money in the long run.


Antimicrobial Efficiency

Anti-microbal efficacy against Gram positive bacteria
99.99% - JIS L1902 *
Anti-microbal efficacy against Gram negative bacteria
99.99% - JIS L1902 *
Anti-microbal efficacy against Yeast
99.99% - JIS L1902 *
Anti-microbal efficacy against Fungus
99.31% - JIS L1902 *

*as tested under experimental conditions JIS L 1902:2008

Easy to Use

Safepanty™ has high and quick absorbency technology and will not leack during use. Safepanty™ fabric technology ensures high and immediate absorbency , non-leakage and quick drying after wash.

We are committed to serving women in need of hygienic protection

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is Safepanty™ better ?

Safepanty™ with hygienic sanitary pads are designed with a permanently bonded antimicrobial technology that helps reducing vaginal infections caused by Candida albicans along with infections from other pathogens and fungi. Safepanty is made from polyester yarns that are very durable. By making reusable pads from high-quality, long lasting polyester fabric, we help reduce menstrual product waste by up to 99%.


Real Relief introduces a Safepanty™ made from recycled plastic. At least 14 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean every year. Real Relief has decided to turn the plastic waste into a valuable resource that can be recycled. Real Relief collect plastic in North India, sort and clean it before reprocessing it. The sorted and cleaned plastic waste is melted and extruded into strong and durable polyester yarns. From these yarns Real Relief produce strong, durable, and soft fabric with the same high performance as standard fabric. Now, each Safepanty™ represents 3 plastic bottles less in our ocean.

The Safepanty™ fabric technology ensures high and immediate absorbency, non-leakage, and quick drying after wash. The antimicrobial technology is based on a treatment that leaves a positively charged layer on the fabric. This layer will attract and kill the negatively charged microbes, like bacteria and fungi.

Organic cotton is made from cotton that is organically grown. Even though organic cotton is better than regular cotton, because no or very little pesticides are used, there are still considerable environmental problems associated with cotton:

On a worldwide average 10.000 litres of water are use to produce 1 kg of cotton, for organic cotton specifically this figure is even higher because the yield is lower
Fertile farming land is used to produce cotton approximately 10 m2/kg
Cotton is much less durable than polyester and therefore the lifetime is less than half, which gives a higher amount of waste.
Cotton dries much slower than polyester, so whereas a Safepanty will dry in as little as 30 minutes, a comparable pad made from cotton could easily take 24 hours to be properly dried
Organic cotton panties may absorb a large amount of menstrual fluid. Nevertheless, organic cotton panties may absorb the fluid slower, so even though the organic cotton pad absorbs more, the user might feel a need of changing it more often.
Blood stains are quite difficult to remove from cotton fabrics as compared to polyester. This will cause the users to discard the cotton pads even earlier. Safepanty even has a stain release treatment, that will make it even easier to wash.

Safepanty™ is made from polyester fabric with a high and immediate absorbency that ensures comfort and leakage free periods. The antimicrobial layer is formed from silica, nitrogen, and carbon. The antimicrobial technology offers an infection free period.

Specifications of Safepanty™   

Depending on your flow, 1-2 packages of Safepanty™ will normally be enough to handle your period without having to wash pads each day.

Yes, you can. You just need to change your Safepanty™ more often compared to a woman with a moderate flow.

Safepanty™ is made to last for up to 4 years, making it probably the most durable menstrual panty on the market.

Yes, Safepanty™ is treated with an antimicrobial treatment that keeps the pad bacteria free at all times. The antimicrobial treatment does not leak and therefore no antimicrobial chemicals will enter the vagina during use.

Inner labia Safepads are perfect not only as a backup for a tampon, a cup, or a disc, they are also perfect for heavy bleeders or postpartum when being worn with Safepad. The Inner labia pad slows down your flow which allows extra time for the Safepad to absorb all liquid, especially when experiencing blood clots/gushes. The Inner labia Safepad also works as a bridge in-between your Safepad and your vulva spreading the liquid evenly onto the Safepad. This feature will ensure that the full absorption capacity of the pad is used. This combination ensures a leakage free experience.

How to care for your Safepanty™   

  1. Wash and dry your Safepanty™ 

  2.  Use as your convenicence

  3. Wash your Safepanty™ after use.

  1. Soak the used Safepanty™ in cold water for 30 minutes with detergent or soap

  2. Rinse with clean water

  3. Dry under direct sunlight or in a good ventilated area

  4. Re-use after Safepanty™ is well dried

Safepanty™ should not be bleached or ironed.


If you have difficulties washing your Safepanty™, allow it to soak 10-15 minutes longer than usually.

Yes, you can. Use only cold wash program.

Safepanty™ can be reused up to 100 times.

You can still use your Safepanty™ after it has been tumble dried. The antimicrobial treatment does not come off during wash or if tumble dried.


Our Safepanty™ production sites are in India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia, and Nigeria.

Yes, absolutely. Real Relief has very stringent QA procedures and all materials are thoroughly checked by external laboratories.

We have a very comprehensive Code of Conduct, that prescribes how we operate worldwide and is concerned with both environment, quality, occupational health, safety, workers and human rights.

Safepanty™ is made from 100% polyester.

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