Happy World Menstrual Health Month!

Dear Customers,

We are thrilled to announce our campaign, "Kicking Off the Dialogue on Menstrual Health – Engage for Change," running throughout the month of May in celebration of World Menstrual Day.

As part of this campaign, we are committed to making quality menstrual products accessible and affordable to everyone while advocating for environmental sustainability.

Urgent Need for Increased Investment: While menstrual health has garnered greater political attention globally, there remains an urgent need for increased investment. Despite the existence of good quality solutions, without significant funding, the movement risks falling short of its goal. Without adequate support, millions of women and girls worldwide will continue to be hindered from realizing their full potential, impacting us all negatively.

We firmly believe in creating a world where menstruation does not hold anyone back by 2030. However, achieving this requires a substantial increase in funding to ensure that menstruators have access to quality products, information, and education materials.

As innovator and manufacturer, we strive to play our part and will contribute whenever possible. Throughout May, we are offering our product solutions at $3 per package Ex works Karur, India + freight costs to wished delivery addresses:

  • Safepad: A reusable antimicrobial treated sanitary pad. 4 pads per package.
  • Safepanty: A reusable antimicrobial treated period panty. 1 panty per package.
  • Heartcup: A well-designed silicon menstrual cup. 1 cup per package.   Note: Heartcup is available from Denmark. The price $3 is ex-works Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Supertowel: A reusable antimicrobial towel. 6 towels per package.

The prices are offered at a minimum purchase of 100 packages per item and subject to stock.

Join us in our mission to break the stigma and barriers surrounding menstruation. Together, let's pave the way for a future where menstruation is not a limitation but a natural and celebrated aspect of life.

Thank you for your support in our mission to promote menstrual health. Happy World Menstrual Month, Real Relief!

Join the dialogue here:

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