Real Relief's Humanitarian Impact in Ukraine: Providing Quality Food Parcels and Kits

At Real Relief, we have made significant progress in implementing our activities in Ukraine, particularly in establishing capacity for assembling and packaging various humanitarian kits, including hygiene & dignity kits as well as dry food kits. We thereby extend our commitment to making a difference by providing access to quality food parcels in Ukraine.

Our dedicated team, equipped with a highly efficient and flexible packing unit, is prepared to produce customized food parcels based on specific requirements. We can pack 55,000 parcels per week at present.

In collaboration with our Ukrainian partner, we have established a highly organized supply chain and assembling warehouse in Ukraine. This facility allows us to assemble various hygiene and dry food kits for our customers in Ukraine. In December 2023, thanks to our successful cooperation, we supplied 120,000 kits to IFRC for distribution to six destinations in Ukraine.


Exactly like our hygiene kits, our food parcels adhere to the highest standards, ensuring quality, care, and comfort for those who receive them. Stringent quality assurance is deployed to ensure that each parcel meets the needs of recipients. We offer exceptional flexibility to accommodate any packaging, labeling, or specific requirements for the content of the kits. Our kit packing unit is located inside Ukraine, and we strive to use locally manufactured quality food and items.

Discover how Real Relief's food parcels, NFI and Hygiene kits can contribute to alleviating migrants’ needs and bringing relief to communities in Ukraine and elsewhere. We were able to make significant progress in the implementation of our activities in Ukraine, namely the creation and organization of capacity for the assembly and packaging of various humanitarian kits (both hygiene and dry food).

Our cooperation allows us to combine Real Relief ApS international experience and financial resources and our partner`s knowledge of local Ukrainian market and logistics experience to create a sustainable product (service) of providing different high-quality kits to the Ukrainian Humanitarian market.”