Dare to Care


Hej så,

During the past couple of years in the menstrual products industry our team have come across many challenges and incorrect information about periods causing period stigma. This stigma often leads to discrimination, period shaming and gender inequality all around the world.

For example:

In Nepal, women must sleep in mud huts during their periods.

In Nigeria women are not allowed to cook nor participate in any social events.

In Uganda it is believed that menstruating girls have the power to stop crops from growing.

In Namibia girls are turning towards prostitution to earn money for menstrual products due its high price.

We would like to set things straight and create a safe space to talk about menstruation and everything related to this topic in our DARE TO CARE blog. Our aspiration is for all girls and women to get proper information on menstrual hygiene management and for you to know that menstrual cycle is completely natural process! We’ve all been there…

Each article will dive deep into different topics such as:

Menstrual cycle
Healthy period
Color of my period
Depression, PMS or PMDD?
Chemicals in my menstrual products
The time after childbirth alias postpartum
And so many more!

We are doing this for everyone who would like to learn more about periods, so we would love to hear if there is any specific topic you would like us to write about. Just send us a message through Contact Us section and we will take an action! If you would like to keep up with our new articles you should sign up and will never miss a new post!

Feel safe, feel free -

Your Real Relief team