Good things are coming…
Harambe Humanitarian is an organization in Narok, Kenya that is looking towards a very bright future in 2021.

 February 12, 2021

Knowing that periods don’t stop during pandemics, they continued to get Safepad into the hands of girls throughout the area. Starting in March 2020, schools in Kenya were shut down for the entire year. Creating a pandemic of its own with children being at home for so long.

It made for a perfect storm with period poverty and an economy based on tourism on the brink of disaster. Girls who were already struggling with menstrual hygiene management were forced into precarious situation country wide.

Harambe Humanitarian never let up on their mission to provide the sustainable solution that Safepad provides for girls. Having the confidence that their Safepad would last them 100 + washes allowed their families to use the money that would have been spent every month on disposable pads to instead be allocated towards staple foods.

Many times mothers would express their gratitude for the ability to now buy flour, sugar and milk. Instead of worrying how they would provide too AND protect their daughters.

This year Harambe Humanitarian is excited for the momentum they are already experiencing with the requests for Safepad in schools throughout the country.

They are also excited for the opportunity to open the first Safepad Sewing Center in Kenya this April. With the tremendous support of their donors, they will be able to produce the high-quality pads locally. Which means bolstering the local economy by providing jobs to Maasai women who are single mothers and widows.


Creating the ripple effect of income opportunities that produce simple solutions to menstrual hygiene management, will in turn keep girls in school, avoid female genital mutilations and early marriage.This full circle program will effect a woman, a girl, a community, a country and the world. 

The perfect example of the global lessons we learned last year. Everything we do has an effect on all of us.

Harambe Humanitarian’s Safepad Projects looks forward to providing income opportunities for a 6-12 women and producing 1000 packages of Safepad or more each month. While quickly growing distribution country wide

With Kebs (The Kenya Bureau of Standards) recently issuing the new guidelines for the sale of reusable sanitary towels, they are anxiously awaiting the day that Safepad will be on store shelves.