Introducing the environmentally friend LLIN, Reliefnet Reverte

February 2 , 2021

It is with great pride that we announce the launch of our innovative and environmentally friendly LLIN, Reliefnet Reverte™.

This new LLIN is the latest addition to our core assortment of life-saving and life-improving relief items. Reliefnet ReverteTM offers a solution to the long-standing problem of LLIN’s being a major environmental concern in the global fight against malaria and other vector borne diseases.

Today there is a dire need for new approaches and new technologies on a global scale in the fight against vector borne diseases and we generally see a push for more sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions.

Each year the publicly funded malaria community is distributing about 200 million LLIN’s. These LLIN’s transform into 120,000 tonnes of waste material year in and year out. Many attempts have been made to find a solution to this problem, so far without success.

Reliefnet Reverte introduces the Reverte component, which is an advanced oxo-biodegradable technology, that offers a solid solution to the end-of-useful-life problematic of LLIN’s. It will, if wrongfully left in the open environment, degrade until the point where naturally occurring microorganisms can absorb the net completely.

Why should Reliefnet Reverte be your LLIN of choice? 

1.  Reliefnet Reverte is efficacious. It has been designed to offer effective protection for up to 3 years. Reliefnet Reverte is WHO pre-qualified (PQT/VC Ref Number: 036-002)  

2.  Reliefnet Reverte offers a solution to the end-of-life problem normally associated with LLIN’s. 

3.  Reliefnet Reverte is durable. Reliefnet Reverte is based on the same principles and specification as Netprotect, which has proven itself in the field for many years. 
    See f.ex.  

4.  Reliefnet Reverte is flexible. It is available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, mesh and colours.  

5.  Reliefnet Reverte is lightweight. It can therefore be transported and distributed easily at reduced costs

For more information and link to PQT/VC Ref Number: 036-002:
Letter of Prequalification 
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