It´s International World Menstrual Day 2022

Kolding, Denmark, 8 June; 2022

It´s International World Menstrual Day 2022 and we received back the SDG ball and concluded on a very successful campaign “kicking off the dialogue on menstrual health 2022”.

A campaign that travelled through 26 countries and received support from young MHM activists, local and international organizations, governments as well as girls, boys, men and women just interested in supporting our call for change.

We want to thank all involved in putting menstrual health on a global agenda and we ask you all to continue the dialogue and call for more to support menstrual health.

We need everybody to join the dialogue if we are to scale our collective action to end period poverty and stigma by 2030. We need significantly more investment in menstrual health and hygiene, and we need it now.

We strongly believe that education is key to empowering women and giving girls the future they deserve. Having information about their rights and their bodies gives women and girls the power to make educated decisions that provide them with opportunities and choices throughout their lives

The campaign "Kick off the dialogue on Menstrual Health" has ended but the dialogue must continue.

Thanks to all our partners for your great support!

It has been an amazing match and only winners.

And many many more…