Menstrual Health Management and Safepad Technology Training in Laos.

Kolding, Denmark, 1 April; 2022

At the end of the February, we had a chance to organize a one-day training on Menstrual Health Management and Safepad usage in a collaboration with CARE Laos.

To continuously increase an awareness about menstrual health, it is very important to provide trainings in the given locations and spread the information locally. This time CARE Laos did a presentation on Menstrual Hygiene as well as the use of Reusable Sanitary Pads with a handover of Safepads in 60 villages of Luang Namtha Province in Laos.

Still too many do not know what Menstrual Health Management is and far too many do not have access to basic sanitary products. Therefore, we invited representative women from Village Savings and Loan Association (later only VSLA) coming from 60 villages from 3 districts: Long, Sing and Namtha in Laos, supported by the District Lao Women Union.

The main goal was to make participants, in total of 68 women and 5 men, understand the concept of Menstrual Health Management, enabling them to be able to spread information and knowledge afterwards. Later, they were explained the benefits of using Safepad as well as given insights to the technology used to make Safepad. Participants had the chance to discuss issues and experience related to Menstrual Health Management.

Furthermore, training included the demonstration on how to use and reuse the Safepad and how to distribute the reusable sanitary pads within each village.

After the training the VSLA participants and representatives from the districts distributed the Safepad to their communities.

After one – two months of testing the Safepad, an evaluation and monitoring of the usage of the Safepad will be conducted.

We hope that the ones trained will keep sharing the information about Menstrual Health to ensure that more girls and women get access to information and good quality products.

Please write to us if you are interested in more information about Menstrual Health Management or if you want to partner with us in Laos.