Laos training

Kolding, Denmark, 29 April; 2022

At the end of March Safepad Laos and Care Laos organized another training session on Menstrual Health Management and distributed another total of 1500 packs.

With the support of the Lao Women Union Office the project team conducted training on Menstrual Health Management and introduced Safepad to the communities and schools. There were 87 participants (86 women), and the training was conducted at 8 clusters of 45 villages in 3 districts of Phongsaly Province. The representatives from each village are leaders of VSLA (Village Savings and Loan Association) Group, leaders of SBCC group and the Village Lao Women Union.

After the training sessions each team distributed Safepad to female villagers in 13 villages.

Participants have learned about proper management during menstruation, learned about how to use the Safepad and how to clean it properly. Overall, the participants were very happy by receiving the Safepad from the project team and some highlighted the fact that Safepad will help them to reduce household expenses. After a fruitful passed training the representatives were enabled to share information within their own communities on Menstrual Health Management.