Safepad – a sustainable source for sharing among Kenyan women

Kenya, December 11, 2020

The women’s group at Onego primary school in Kenya   engaged in the finishing of the Safepad reusable menstruation pad is a true inspiration

Joined together by a common mission, that generates a sustainable income for each and every one of them, the women jointly invest and share the profit.
But they share so much more than that.

By working together, they share their views, talents and learning, all whilst empowering each other.
Thanks to Safepad their improved quality of life 

  • improves their health
  • increases their children’s school attendance
  • empowers them to deal with socio/economic problems

Bringing about positive change for themselves as an individual, for their community and for their society as a whole

Congratulations to you women at the Onego primary school for your contribution to Menstrual Health and for helping to put it higher up the global health agenda.
Keep up the good work you do for womankind!

Real Relief. Making a real promise.

More information about SafepadTM is available at or by contacting: Real Relief Managing Director, Trine Angeline Sig at, or mob.: +45 2826 2600  

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