She wishes a menstrual pad

Kolding, Denmark, 3 December; 2021

Now it's the time of year when you can make a difference for a woman on the run when it's that time of the month 🩸

Imagine that every month you are prevented from going to school, going to work or participating in leisure activities because you do not have a menstrual pad.

This is how it is for millions of girls and women on the run worldwide every time it is 'that time of the month'.

Real Relief collaborates with the Danish Refugee Council to ensure that the women at 'That time of the month' do not lack hygiene items, soap and a bucket for water so that they can wash themselves.

Danish Refugee Council is building bathing facilities so that the women can take a shower in privacy outside the family's home.

In addition, girls, boys, men and women are educated and enlightened in women's fundamental rights to ensure equal access to education and sustainable, decent jobs in the host community.

Give her a menstrual pad so that she has the opportunity to live her life – even at “that time of the month”.

You can support women on the run here:å_måneden_-_real_relief_&utm_content=03-12-2021

You can read more about Safepad - a sustainable cloth bandage designed with an antimicrobial treatment here: