This is not a sock

Kolding, Denmark, 13 August 2021

This Is Not A Sock. End Period Poverty! Fundraising Campaign 

Follow the work of our amazing partner Sarah in South Africa.

Many girls in South Africa do not have the money to buy menstrual products. Instead, they use socks, rags, newspapers, or other unsanitary solutions. This puts them at risk of infections and leakage.

To avoid the embarrassment they stay home from school. This means that school girls miss on average 250 days of their high school education and consequently, some drop out of school. The result is unemployment and disempowerment of the young woman.

Consequently, Period Poverty which is already a reality for many women and girls, are now experiencing this issue even more.

This should not have to be this way!

Support This Is Not A Sock. End Period Poverty! Fundraising Campaign and help us raise funds for 2000 boxes of Safepads and "My First Period" Educational Booklets.