We must continue the dialogue

Kolding, Denmark, 31th May 2021

The International Menstrual Hygiene day on the 28th of May was celebrated with campaign partners as the SDG ball returned to Denmark  

Global Goals World Cup (GGWC), UNYA Denmark and partners in 26 countries participated in kicking off the transnational dialogue on Menstrual health throughout the month of May.

Each day from the 1st to the 28th of May, the campaign zoomed in on the biggest challenges related to menstrual health and hygiene in each partnering country.

Symbolically we kicked a football with the SDG’s printed on it from country to country to spark energy into a difficult conversation.

The difficulties facing girls and women across the world in relation to MHM are numerous and unacceptable. The topic of MHM continues to be a taboo subjected to shame and stigma. The lack of access to information, education, and products to manage one’s period with dignity and pride are essential. More than 500 million girls and women worldwide are not able to manage their period hygienically and with dignity. Ultimately, this puts girls and women at risk of infection and disease, of early pregnancy, and of missing out on an education.

With this campaign, we share a common goal of putting menstrual hygiene on the agenda. We will do so with reference to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (SDGs). As we kick off the dialogue, we aim to improve girls and women’s health, rights and opportunities for quality education, gender equality, and safe sanitation and hygiene (SDG 3, 4, 5 and 6).

Participating Countries: South Africa, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Romania, India, Namibia, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Malawi, Senegal, Poland, Tanzania, Uganda, England, Myanmar, Sierra Leone, Indonesia, Ghana, Jordan, Liberia, Nepal, Zimbabwe, Ecuador, Laos and Denmark.

Enclosed a few highlights from the countries. For more information you may follow the campaign on Facebook: