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Denmark, November 27 , 2020

Instead of offering grants directly to innovators, HIF / ERLHA are now offering to help humanitarians reduce the financial risk of adopting new solutions. Have a peek at some of the innovations on offer before the launch of the funding call in a few weeks.

To fully appreciate the innovation in question and to connect with the innovation team behind it, make sure to tune in for the live Q&A session scheduled on 16 December 2020.


See you then and there!

More information about the innovation: Supertowel is the highly effective and innovative handwashing tool, that in spite of looking like a regular towel, actually has the superpower capacity to kill 99%+ bacteria within 30 seconds, offering its users clean and germ free hands, even in situations where neither soap or running water is available.

Relevant evidence now indicates that Supertowel is at least as effective in removing bacteria from hands as handwashing with water and soap.

As such, Supertowel offers a high-tech solution to a practical yet very serious hygiene problem with the potential of improving sanitary conditions anywhere in the world.
Learn more about Supertowel and what it can do for you, your family and your community.

Real Relief. Making a real promise.

More information about SupertowelTM is available at www.realreliefway.com or by contacting: Real Relief Managing Director, Trine Angeline Sig at ts@realreliefway.com, or mob.: +45 2826 2600  

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