When women thrive, humanity thrives...

Kolding, Denmark, 18 March; 2022

Our CEO Mrs. Trine Angeline Sig had the pleasure of visiting The Women´s Pavilion at the EXPO DUBAI 2020 to explore and understand the positive impact women make on the world and the challenges they still face.

Worldwide initiatives and solutions by women and their ripple effect to create a better world were displayed and visitors were given the opportunity to put their thoughts and ideas up for display.

Periods do not pause for pandemics, nor do they stop for conflict. Therefore its time to end Period Poverty globally so she put menstrual health in the spotlight hoping this will become a future focus area so that more girls and women can access good quality menstrual solutions as well as information regarding reproductive health.

You can read more about the Women´s Pavilion here: https://www.expo2020dubai.com/en/understanding-expo/participants/special-pavilions/womens-pavilion