Workshop on health and education

 April 9, 2021


Would you like to help us kick off the dialogue about Menstrual Health and break the stigma around periods? 

Want to get a deeper insight into the physiological, emotional and psychological impact of the menstrual cycle?

If so, let your voice be heard and join an empowering, educational and taboo-shattering workshop organized by the Gender Equality Working Group at UNYA Copenhagen in collaboration with Real Relief and as a continuation of the Sustainable Menstrual Health Campaign.

The aim of our workshop is to broaden the topic of periods in a fun, no-nonsense and engaging way, offering a more sustainable method of managing menstruation by breaking down stigma. We aim to facilitate discussions around barriers to healthy, dignified menstruation and raise awareness about the tight connection between periods and emotional health.


#1 Rachael Kerubo is a public health practitioner, water sanitation and hygiene expert focusing on sanitation marketing for sustainability. She is a menstrual hygiene activist and MHM expert, focusing on sustainability in MHM through reusable menstrual products. She is also the CEO of the LIVE HEALTHY INITIATIVE . 

#2 Paloma Alma is a menstrual educator and founder of the CYCLO Sustainable Menstruation project. She aims is to help girls and women to understand that they can live their menstruation in a positive, healthy and ecological way Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2018 Spain.

Register here: | Meeting ID: 919 6246 7253 and join us on April, 9th to become an advocate for addressing women’s issues through shattering the stigma!